Our barbeque package combines interaction and indulgence at the highest level. Our cooks aren’t standing behind closed doors in the kitchen; they’re at the grill. MEET THE CHEFS is our philosophy and it gives you and your guests the exclusive opportunity talk to the cooks about preparation and tips for a successful barbeque, right by the grill. Every time: a perfect, relaxed and unstressed style, attention to the smallest details of your special day, and high quality food and service.

Reception with canapés

2 portions per person, to select



Caesar salad bar | Do it yourself | Served out of a whole parmesan wheel
Fior di latte | Greek figs | Walnuts | Rocket
Courgette toast salad | Green and yellow | Focaccia | Mint | Confit of cherry tomatoes
Heritage tomatoes | Kalamata olives | Watermelon | Baby chard | Basil dressing
Bornheim farmers’ salad | Apple | Celery | Lovage | New potatoes
Pasta salad | Artichokes | White beans | Marjoram | Spring onions
Fresh-baked sourdough | Walnut bread | Rosemary focaccia | Mini Mediterranean rolls | Sea-salt butter | Olive oil | Hummus



Best cuts of Eifel beef – grilled to perfection and carved live | Garlic | Sea salt | Port jus | Radish-papaya salad
Juicy ribs of Basque black-hoof pork | Bourbon glazed | Rosemary
Maize-fed jerk-style chicken | Thyme | Chili | Ginger



Fresh Bratwurst | Merguez | Salsiccica



Fjord salmon grilled in banana leaf | Soya glazed | Lime | Coriander
King prawns | Lemon | Garlic | Bay



French sheep’s cheese grilled in parchment | Red pointed peppers | Basil
Portobello mushrooms | Parmesan | Panko | Parsley


Side Dishes

Mini sea-salt potatoes, cooked in their skins | Rosemary | Sea salt
Grilled corn on the cob | Sea salt flakes | Smoked butter
BBQ sauces | Salsa Verde | Chipotle mayo | Tomato chutney | Mint raita



Grilled banana | Rum | Mascarpone | Granola
Panna cotta | Raspberries | Basil | Pistachio crumble
70% chocolate mousse | Mango | Pistachios


Midnight snack

DEINspeisesalon cheesecake | French bread selection | Salted butter

Price per person: on request.

We are happy to provide additional services as required, or devise an individual wedding reception together with you.

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