Gala, glamour, great food.

Guests at parties and galas expect the very best.
And it has to be different every time.

We provide the culinary answers.
Fresh, new, and different each time.


Dining à la Hogwarts.

Very British, with a touch of charm and a sprinkling of magic. For the German premiere of the successful Harry Potter™ exhibition (more than three million visitors around the globe) at Cologne’s ODYSSEUM, DEINspeisesalon served Hogwarts-style specialties for the guests at all three events as part of a Grand Opening.

"Major compliments to the kitchen, service team and everyone involved in planning and carrying out the catering. The buffet looked and tasted excellent and the guests really loved it. It was good to know we had a capable team to rely on in the background. Thank you very much for the great experience of working with you."