Delicious together.

Professionals who not only know their food and drink, but also have the right personal qualities! These are the resources that make DEINspeisesalon stand out in the crowd:

One gets fired up about barbecues.
One is hot for curries.
One’s simply sweet.
One loves good wines.
One is raw like sushi.
And all together, they make up the perfect team.


Souschef Rock'n'Roll.

Andreas is our man for music - be it on tour, at gigs or at festivals. Artist and crew catering is the perfect setting for him. He started his culinary career at the Düsseldorf InterContinental in 2008 and has since worked in several restaurant kitchens. And he loves collecting new impressions and experiences in his private life, too. Andreas has literally seen the world - by bike, in a camper van and on foot, always chasing the next adventure. What might his favorite dish be? You guessed right: home-made pasta with plenty of cheese - best of all lasagna. And he burns off those carbs by dancing, either tango, salsa or just on his own for fun. The minute the bass reaches his heart and his feet, Andreas is happy all over. Active meditation at its best!



Project Management.
Carina joined us in the project management team in June 2019. Not only did she graduate in hotel management, she’s been working in gastronomy since she was only 16. Carina’s just got back from a year of working in Australia - her prize in the Accorhotels Trainee Awards. When it comes to food, Carina tries to lead a low-carb lifestyle, which has led to her slight obsession with checking ingredients precisely. In her free time, she loves to travel. She recently rode the waves in Bali - she may not be a professional surfer quite yet, but we all know practice makes perfect... ;)



Service Rock'n'Roll.
Before Canadian Chris joined our team, he worked in the local golfing industry, organizing club events and tournaments. His charming and open personality makes him the perfect mate for our Rock’n’Roll Team. His culinary heart skips a beat at typical Canadian poutine – but we’ve managed to win him over for the Rhineland with our great beers. In his free time, by the way, he plays soccer a couple times a week and celebrates well-produced music and movies. He has an excellent eye for the hard work and dedication behind each production. The fact that Chris loves traveling and getting to know people and places makes us like him all the more.


Dorothee Conraths.

Marketing / Administration.
Dorothee is in charge of our complete online package, including homepage content and social media. Trained in administration and foreign languages, she has the organizational talent to rock the office. But her heart really yearns to juggle with languages. After 15 years in sales and distribution, Dorothee ran a Brazilian company’s Cologne back office and is now part of our team. Her standing ovations go to really good entrecôte – rare and without bells and whistles – and a glass of La Lanterne Rouge. Put on a record by Bill Withers, Michael Kiwanuka, or Feist and she’ll be perfectly happy. Or blow the speakers with the Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, or Muse. The perfect vacation? Scouting out great food with a camera and a book on stand-by… what could be better?



Head of Project Management.
Eva has been at home in gastronomy for 15 years, both in Germany and abroad along the way. Before she joined our team in 2018, she was in charge of Project Management Business Development for a gastronomy in Cologne. Eva’s culinary heart beats with a passion for everything fresh, and sustainability is really important to her. She says she has a tiny little thing about cleanliness, and it’s easy for her to keep everything under control in times of stress. But she finds time to relax and take her eyes off the clock when she’s travelling – ideally a mix of city tours and beach vacations.



Kitchen Management.
Alongside the DEINspeisesalon Kitchen Management, Ingo heads our “starting eleven” at 1. FC Köln home games. After his chef’s training in Warstein, he climbed the ranks as a solo chef, souschef and chef de cuisine, making him ready to face any match. Everything has to be sorted and structured to the max for Ingo - which benefits the whole team. To wind down, he plays snooker, goes to the gym, cycles and jogs. Curious about his favorite food? Lentil dal or turkey hotpot with honey, ginger, chili and peanut sauce. We approve! According to Ingo, his oddest eccentricity is having to own the music he loves on vinyl. His firm favorites are Parkway Drive and Five Finger Death Punch, but he also goes for bands like Volbeat and Hammerfall...


Jutta Landkotsch.

Managing Director - Strategy, Finances, Key Account.
Jutta Landkotsch has proved her intuition for unusual recipes for success several times over. She combined her passion for music and good food, her creativity and her nose for business to set up the catering company DEINspeisesalon, which soon made a name for itself in the international music industry with tour catering for big names like Carlos Santana, The Rolling Stones, and the Foo Fighters, or catering for major festivals like Rock am Ring. Then in 2014, she translated the DEINspeisesalon philosophy into a fixed space, designing and realizing the Oskar Jäger deli Ehrenfeld. A deli and location in one, it quickly became a place to be in the Ehrenfeld area. Now running three sectors – catering, restaurant, and location – with her unbeatable mix of professionalism and personality and her 360° overview of life, food, and design, Jutta Landkotsch and her 25-strong team satisfy all kinds of target groups. Let’s see what ideas she surprises us with next!


Kitchen Assistant.
Malgorzata is a multivitamin shot for our team. Vital and full of good vibes. She helps us prepare and set up, and later with our baking. Having learned the routine by cooking complicated Polish dishes, she turned her hobby into a mission and added organization, events, personnel, and service to her gastronomic spectrum. Her personal way of combining family and working life. When she cooks for herself and her loved ones, it’ll be zurek – traditional Polish soup with sausage and egg – or golabki – stuffed green cabbage with meat, onions, capsicums, and rice with tomato sauce. Home cooking to die for. 



Mostafa “Musti” Benmana is in charge of the calm before the storm at DEINspeisesalon. And the calm afterwards too! Receiving deliveries, washing dishes, or taking care of our laundry: with Musti, everything is soon ship-shape after even the biggest events, everything runs smoothly and is ready for the next storm. He himself is calmness personified, never flustered by a thing. Is it the Moroccan mint that grows in our garden? That’s his secret.



Kitchen Assistant & Stewarding.
Nikola joined us immediately after her training, strengthening the team with her great friendly personality as a kitchen assistant and in stewarding. In her free time, she loves spending time with family and friends, but even then, her favorite activities are cooking and eating. Nikola’s top dish? Definitely potato and cheese pierogi. Cycling tours and long walks balance it all out.



Executive Souschef DEINspeisesalon.

Over the past nine years, Sam gained and refined his culinary skills in all sorts of countries, including Canada, South Africa, Scotland, England... and now he’s come to us at last! Sam doesn’t actually have a hard-and-fast favorite dish. Instead, he’s always on the lookout for new tastes, falling in love with a culinary discovery pretty much every week. When he’s not in the kitchen, his heart beats to the rhythm of jazz, soul, and hip-hop, producing with international singers and rappers in his home studio. Music in his veins, a passion for discovering inspirations, and a solid grounding in the kitchen – it’s all the perfect compilation for us. We’re glad to have Sam on board!


Sebastian Zimmermann.

Managing Director - Product Management.
When Carlos Santana gives a chef a hand-signed guitar to say thanks for his outstanding cooking, there’s not much more to be said. That’s not quite the case for Sepp Zimmermann, because of course he had a life before that extraordinary event, and before he joined us. He gained his excellent cooking skills as a classic French kitchen trainee, refining them for ten years in Berlin’s high-end restaurants. He held the kitchen scepter at the Hamburg federal state representation and co-founded Culinary Underground in Berlin. He’s now Culinary Director of DEINspeisesalon, spicing things up with his own exquisite style combining high demands, creativity, and a warm personality that keeps our team happy. And did we mention that he’s also in charge of our complete food and beverage management?


Project Management.
Stephanie trained in patisserie and hotel management. In 2003, she discovered her love of event catering – a love that’s still going strong and led to our paths eventually crossing. After a short break to have her daughter, she started right back in with project management. She’s never lost her passion for cakes and gateaux, by the way – other food has a hard job keeping up. Stephanie tops up her energy supplies in the mountains, hiking in the summer and skiing in the snow. But Carnival season always brings her back to Cologne – she’s “e kölsch Mädche” whose heart beats for the city and its celebrations. Authentic and with an infectious laugh – what’s not to like?



Project Management.
Thorsten has been with us from day one, and since 2016 he’s been our project manager for VIP and Boxes Catering at 1. FC Köln. In between, he’s held pretty much every job we have to offer – doing each one of them with passion and perfection: as Service Manager or Chef de Partie, in logistics or as restaurant manager at Oskar Jäger deli Ehrenfeld. Trained in hotel management, Thorsten not only makes an impression behind the counter or a desk, he’s also a star behind the turntables. A real allrounder! 



Warehouse & logistics.
Commissioning, setup, disassembly and the right timing in the right place - these are Torsten’s professional passions. Before he joined our warehouse and logistics team, he’d always had something or other to do with gastronomy, but usually behind the scenes. Torsten has a taste for Italian classics: spaghetti Bolognese or pizza topped with spinach, bell peppers, turkey, mushrooms and plenty of chili. Alongside work, he values spending time with his family and finding the right balance between sport and relaxation. And the soundtrack? A forthright mix of techno and Cologne carnival songs - turn it up!



Service Management Rock'n'Roll.
Music is in her bloodstream – especially punk when the going gets tough, as it so often does in our business. Before Valentina joined us, she was a unit manager in the film industry and ran a branch of the Mongo’s restaurant chain. She wanted to move her workplace backstage, and that’s where we came in. She manages our service team with an iron hand and a soft heart, making sure everyone works together perfectly, like the ingredients of a meal. Speaking of food, she loves pite: an Albanian specialty made of flaky pastry, ground meat, garlic, and sour cream. But only if her mother made it.